He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

No room at the brain.

Ju-jitsu training as of late hasn't really gone to plan. The original idea was that with sufficient time, effort and a lack of injuries, I could have attempted grading for my brown belt in a couple of months. However, the plan isn't working, as my knee injury is taking far longer than I would have liked to clear up. Even though I have somewhere near a full range of mobility, it still aches in a somewhat pathetic manner, reminding me that I've still got to take things more carefully than I would like. It also has weak points, which occasionally mean it randomly gives way underneath me. Christmas was supposed to have been a recuperation time so that I had my batteries fully charged for the New Year - I should be well on the way by now, but I'm not. I'm also picking up extra problems along the way, such as my shoulder/elbow feeling out of place and crunching through about 35 of 50 press-ups. It hurt like hell afterwards.

This injury has also had a knock-on effect of stopping me from getting my fitness where I would have liked. In the early stages, I couldn't walk, let alone run. When running, I reach a limit where it "grumbles" - about 25 minutes - and that's if I give it a few days of break. It's really not where I want to be, but I can't push it any further just in case things get worse.

The original schedule was to attempt grading mid-April, although I can't see that happening now - I'm miles away and have just five weeks left. I don't keep rabbits, so I can't pull one out of a hat.

The final thing that is stopping me is a mental thing. My brain is full. It's definitely a vessel with a finite capacity. Teach it something new and something else falls out of my ears. On some days, I can barely remember my name and phone number, let alone 100+ techniques. I might reach brown one day, but it's certainly not yet.

Everyone has their limits, I think I'm reaching mine.
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