He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.



"The tendency of a fluid to pass through a permeable membrane such as the wall of a living cell into a less concentrated solution so as to equalize the concentrations on both sides of the membrane."

Or put more simply, a green parrot. Behold.

Small green bird.

Oz (no relation to Australia, as he's an Indian Ringneck) is larger than a Cockatiel, but smaller than an African Grey. People sometimes think that he's larger than he really is, mainly because of his tail feathers, which (like so many examples in nature) make him appear to have a huge arse.

He's a very green bird, who likes very green food. Pears and grapes go down well, especially if he can spray them up the walls. It makes eating so much more fun.

Does he talk? Well, no. However, he does mimic some strange things. He can bark well - always a good early warning sign. Plus, the flatulent raspberry sounds he makes are just a little bit too good (who knows where he got that from), which he usually does for comic timing at the quietest point in a film, or when you're bent over and not looking.

You probably want an explanation of his name. It was felt it made a change from the usual boring pet names. Perhaps you should read
this book first, to get some insight. His full name is "The Great Osmosis".

Ladies and mentalmen, meet my feathered companion.
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