He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

The pitfalls of writing about your job.

So far, when I've been writing in my blog, I've taken great pains to not write about my work. I've done this for a couple of reasons:

  • A lot of people know about my site.
  • Some people who read my site would know who I was talking about.
  • I would get reprimanded/sued/sacked/slapped/molested with a haddock.

This, for me, creates what we call a dilemma. A dilemma is something that I can get away with using silly colours for, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I would sometimes like to write (read: rant) about my job, however, the above points preclude me from doing so, unless I started a new and anonymous blog - but then, nobody would read it, as nobody would know it exists. That being the case, I may as well rant into an open copy of textedit and discard the contents once done, as it would have the same net effect.

The big question is - is it actually possible to write a blog about your work, without getting in sticky brown stuff? For example, take this. (*clicky*). If Staple Gun Boy, mentioned on the 3rd of January 2006, knew that he was being talked about, would he have any legal recourse were he to get pissy? Possibly.

Advice is always welcome. It's a minefield, in a virtual sorta way.
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