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Notes On A Scandal

The plot revolves around the relationship between two teachers (played by Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett) and how things sour when one of them does the unthinkable and has an affair with a pupil, along with it's associated consequences - emotional blackmail being just one.

Nobody comes out of it clean. Bohemian Blanchett looks nothing but pathetic virtually all the way through, ironically, as though she has no mind of her own, whilst cat-woman Dench plays a wonderfully bitter and twisted battle-axe of a teacher who nobody really likes - but who earns respect. The narrative during the film is Dench's diary writing - hence the title. Even the boy who instigates the affair doesn't come up smelling of roses. Whilst none of the three are particularly likeable characters, they all have their moments - the casting is spot on.

I've kept it simple, because that's all there is to it - although there are lots of little extras. Blanchett's family are convincing and Bill Nighy excellently plays the adoring father. Whilst I could have gone on for ages, there's little point. It doesn't have whizzy special effects or hundreds of action sequences, but being a BBC affair, it has a plot and a story - which is nice.

It's been in the cinema for about a month now, but if you can see it before it disappears, you could do an awful lot worse. Though if you miss it, I have a feeling it'll be on the TV in not too long.
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