He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Mr Plod

This evening I did my first training run. It was nothing horrendously serious and the mere point of it was to get used to the routine. I aim to do three training runs per week and gradually build up the distance as things get more comfortable. Whilst I'll be spending most of my time running on a treadmill in a gym, I'll do the occasional road-run too.

Anyway, as I've done a little bit of running before, I started with 5 kilometres. I took it at a fairly slow pace and had no problems at all, finishing in 34mins 36 seconds - hardly a blistering pace, but a starting point. It'll be easy to improve upon - shoot me if I don't.

Checking on last years Tavy 7 scoreboard, I did some basic mathematics and was consoled to see that if I ran my projected time at the same pace for 7 miles, I would not come last.

I feel better already.
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