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The Bourne Ultimatum

I am probably not the best person to write a review of this film. I mean, I've not watched the previous films, nor did I have the remotest of clues about what this film was about before I watched it. I admit that I was taken to see it under a degree of duress.

Then again, maybe being totally cold to the whole thing may mean that you get a reasonably objective summary. Who knows?

So, you'll forgive my lack of prior knowledge, but the film is about an ex-CIA assassin who in short, doesn't know who he is. His mind has been conditioned/wiped and the purpose of his being is to discover his identity, whilst avoiding being bumped-off himself. The film spends most of it's time with Mr Bourne zipping around various world locations, trying to get all the pieces to his identity-based jigsaw-puzzle. This is as much as you need to know.

So, here's a bullet-point summary:

The Good Bits
  • If you like your action films, you'll get your money's worth out of this. There's action aplenty, with lots of broken glass, explosions, fight scenes and guns.
  • If you like a slight political edge, you'll get that too. The film does have a little bit of intelligence to it.
  • It's generally well directed and put together. I'm not a big fan of Matt Damon, but I'll admit that he seems at home as Jason Bourne.

The Not So Good Bits
  • Whilst well put together, could someone please buy Paul Greengrass a damn tripod? The wobbly camera thing may make everything look a bit more "natural", but I was starting to feel sea-sick after not too long.
  • And whilst we're on the subject of direction and editing, many scenes (in particular, one of the latter car-chase scenes) had been edited so quickly that I really didn't have a clue as to what was going on. Some moments are barely on screen for more than a fraction of a second. My brain couldn't take it in that quickly. (It's old age, you know).
  • This isn't a major plot spoiler, but why do they have to have such deliberate bits at the end that indicate we'll probably be watching a fourth film? Just tie it up, please.
  • Please stop that "Paris, France", "London, England" shit. It annoys the crap out of me. Most normal people would consider that if you're talking about Paris, London or Madrid, we probably know which one you're on about.

I am not an action-movie sort of person and therefore, if someone asks my opinion on it, I'd say it's "allright". However, if I was an action-movie sort of person, I'd love it to bits and be spouting superlatives. There have been a lot of sequels this year - this is probably one of the better ones, whether you're an action-movie person, or not.

I may go back and watch the previous movies at some point.
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