He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

One a day

Back in 2008, I embarked on a project to illustrate a year of my life in photos. For one year, I would take a picture each day in an attempt to show the world a small window on my life. Unfortunately, It failed. I made it as far as the 5th of February and fell off the wagon. Like all new-year resolutions, I had the best of intentions. I didn’t manage to clamber back on.

Three years later, I’ve decided to have another go. I’ve signed up to the 365project and haven’t missed a day yet. But will I be doomed to failure again? Hopefully not. I remain optimistic.

Cameras are pretty much everywhere now. At the time, I was carrying a rather crappy Sony Ericsson phone, which had a Rolf Harris* style of camera. This meant that it was hard to get photos that people could actually recognise, let alone capture anything of memorable quality. Most pictures sucked. I forgot the golden rule of doing the 365 Project - always keep your favourite camera with you, all of the time. This is a rule I now religiously** observe.

Finally, there’s the matter of discipline. Taking a photo actually takes about 15 seconds. Editing, uploading and tagging it doesn’t take much longer now - it’s just a matter of setting aside a minute or two to do it. Luckily, I now have a good routine - my iPhone has made life easier. The ability to take a picture, crop, filter, edit, sharpen and publish on the go is always a bonus.

So, if you’d like to follow my photographic journey, click here - it’s the 25th of February and I’ve not missed a day yet. I’m aiming for the full 365.

*”Can you tell what it is, yet?”
** Kinda ironic, for an atheist.
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