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Pacman (2013 Generic Retail-Park Version)

As you'll have gathered from one of my posts from last year, I'm not a fan of PC World. I despise them, mainly because they're unit-shifters, a company which give all of us I.T. workers a bad name. Nonetheless, I recognise that there are times when we have little computing emergencies. I might need a £30 USB printer cable made from the purest unobtainium or a copy of Norton Utilities 2005, so I figure that if I've got to go there, I may as well enjoy the visit as much as I can and turn into a bit of a game.

Enter PC World Pacman, a game that's a much more enjoyable experience if you play it with friends.

We all know Pacman, right? If you don't, you should - please go and sit on the naughty step, and whilst you're there, have a good long think about what they hell you've been doing for the last thirty-ish years.

In this game, you're the Pacman and your maze is the PC World shop-floor. You have to navigate the aisles of the store without being asked "can I help you?" (or any suitably alternative generic statement) by the sales drones - they are your ghosts. Remember, the ghosts only want to talk to you when you don't want to purchase anything. They'll be trying to send you home with a Packard Bell PC preloaded with Window ME - avoid them at all costs!

"Can I help you?" = Game over. Woowoowoowoo-blip-blip.

If you actually find what you're after, this is your "power pill".  Now you need to ask the nearest blue sales drone a really technically obscure question about the item. I ask questions that I don't want to know or care about the answers to. Chasing the blue ghosts is hard, though - they know when you want to collar them and instinctively disappear at the mere thought of being helpful. Remember, an informed customer is a customer that would shop somewhere else. You're either there out of desperation or ignorance. Go on, ask him something obscure - if he doesn't know the answer, he'll "just go and check". 

Huzzah! You've just sent the ghost back to his pen! You've won!

Continue until it's "Game Over" or the repetition of Mumford & Sons and The Lighthouse Family from PC World Radio starts to make your ears bleed.
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