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Baby Buckaroo

Yet again I seem to be grovelling for the lack of updates, but this is in part due to Dalliard Junior keeping me occupied. That’s not to say I haven’t been having fun though, because I have. He’s now at the grand age of eight months old and has allowed me devise my new game, called Baby Buckaroo.

Equipment Required

For this you will need:

  • One baby, asleep and in daytime clothing.
  • A darkened room.
  • Some pyjamas.


Your object is to alternate with your partner in removing an item of clothing or putting on the pair of pyjamas. You must not wake Junior up. It’s Game Over if both eyes open.


  • If you get tired of playing in the conventional format you can always add in some optional extras such as a time limit per turn, or reverse play.
  • The Genius Edition involves a nappy change.

...and now, I’ll sink back into my black hole again.

Who's the daddy?

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