He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Hello Blog, I've Missed You

Hello there. Would you look at that? It's 2020. Where did the last decade go?

Apologies for the distinct lack of updates in the last six months. My website nearly turned into a cobwebsite (good old Dad joke there), but fear not. I'll be getting back to slightly more regular updates "'dreckly", as us Cornish say.

Over the last year a divorce has happened, a decade has finished, I'm living somewhere new and I've finally blown the cobwebs off my passport. Bad things have happened, but it's not all bad.

Onwards and upwards. And I now have a search page that actually works. Huzzah!

Where Did The Time Go?

Oh hell, it's August. Doesn't the time pass quickly? Read More...

New Feed

Most people that know me know I have many pet-hates. One pet-hate near the top of my list (the list in my head, that is) is my dislike of social-networking sites. I’ve been virulently against the likes of MySpace (though that’s mostly a design aesthetics issue), Facebook and Bebo for quite a while now. I’ve seen many people take it way too far - to the detriment of their working and personal lives. Shame on you, you silly boys and girls. No supper and straight to bed for you.

It would therefore strike you as odd that I should decide to join one, because yesterday I started twittering. My argument would be that it’s not really so much a social-networking site, more of a micro-blogging tool - but I understand completely if you think I’ve sold-out and broken one of my taboos. Hey - what am I going to do to convince you otherwise? Come and give you a good kicking? I think not. Anyway, you look like you could have me in a fight and your wife looks quite hard too, so I’ll just distract you by changing the subject as to why I quite like doing it.

The joy of twitter is that it forces you to think long and hard about what you write. You’ve only got 140 characters to get your message across, after all. Add that to my ingrained laziness, which coerces me into blogging with as little effort as possible and you get the idea. I can tweet to my heart’s content with text-messages whilst out and about. The subject matter will be random and won’t just be a breakdown of what I had for lunch that day. Irrelevant and sporadic are the words to consider here, along with the words gusset and philtrum, although I might be using those a bit less.

So, should you wish to follow my twitterings, feel free. I’m listed under dalliard_dotnet. There’s also a local twitter page should you prefer the alternative presentation.

But if you think the whole thing is shite, good for you - at least you’re sticking by your principles.