He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

Chufty Badge (2)

Back in August of this year, I set myself a goal - to obtain sufficient Dartmoor Letterbox stamps to get into the "100 Club" (i.e. at least 100) and to do it before the good weather for the year came to an end.

Over the last three months, I've spent most of my weekends walking on the moor, trying to attain that 100. I got number 100 today (and number 101 too). Mission accomplished.

It would be an understatement to say that I'm quite chuffed. The rewards of such an activity are few (the aching feet are evidence of this), but at least I can now apply for a chufty badge. It looks like this:

100 Club Badge

No doubt I shall sew it on my rucsac.

Of course, there are other rewards. I've seen some spectacular scenery - many will not be aware that there's some amazing places on their doorstep (Devonport Leat is a personal favourite), along with the fact that I've done some interesting photography - and got some exercise too. That doesn't do any harm.

And so my next goal is 200, although I'll be setting a target of attaining the next 100 by the end of next summer. This gives me a fair bit of time. Hopefully the weather won't turn totally foul over the winter and will allow me to get out for a few hours every so often at least. If only my other goals were going so well...

Ger'orf moy carrrr....

A typical Dartmoor scene....

- Lumps of rock - check.
- Sheep and horses - check.
- Gorse - check.
- German film crew that creep up on you whilst out for the day - check.

Not what you usually expect to see.

It's not often a film-crew move in whilst you've been away for the day. I had to politely ask them to move so I could escape the car park. (The guys on the right are the ones leaning against my car)


Sheepie McSheepFace

See that cold, menacing stare?

He knows where you live.
He knows what you eat.
He watches you when you sleep.
He'll always be within visual range of you on the moor, following everything you do.

Scoff at Psycho Sheep. Oh yes, scoff you may - but you won't be scoffing when you find two lamb-chop shaped pieces of flesh removed from you when you wake up one morning. It'll be a bigger nightmare than that kidney-removal story.

Consider yourself warned.

2 Down, 98 To Go

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