He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

One Ticked Off The Bucket-List

On Sunday 27th September, I completed this event.

Whilst I'm obviously pleased that I completed it, the strategy that I took beforehand came straight from the school of "how not to prepare for a marathon". I entered just four weeks beforehand, my training distances went up and up every session and because of the timescales involved I barely had time to plan for nutrition and hydration. It was a risky plan because injury was a very realistic possibility. Luckily, I got away with it. My time won't make Eluid Kipchoge sweat, but my 26.3 miles is just the same as his.

I'm already being egged on by friends to run an ultramarathon, but to be honest I can't think of a more stupid and masochistic idea. The reason I entered this event was that it was a virtual event (so no pressure) and it was so much cheaper than a regular organised race. With no crowds, photographers, or statistics (apart from what I posted to Strava), I could quietly do the event in my own time and pace. And if nothing else, it's proved I can run for quite a long time - even if my feet now feel like they've been hit with hammers.

Aside from that, I just prefer half-marathons. The amount of time a marathon demands is too much. Whilst it's nice to know I can do it, I prefer the 13.1 mile distance, not that there's many events to enter at the moment!

As the weather changes and the running season comes to an end, it's nice to close it with a sense of achievement. I was concerned that the half-marathon I ran back in February was going to be all I'd manage. As we head towards 2021, I wonder if "virtual races" will be the default way we enter events for the next few years, until we're all vaccinated?

Third Time's A Charm

In the last few years, I've learnt something - wearable technology has a long way to go.


Garmin Vivosmart HR

After my Garmin Vivosmart bit the dust, here's my thoughts on its replacement.

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