He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.


Humans are awful hoarders. Blame consumerism, blame sentimentality, blame whatever you like - but I shudder each time I hear somebody say an item,"might come in useful", because invariably it doesn't. Before you know it, you've got a whole pile of shite in your house, just longing for an excuse to justify its existence. Those of you who have read my prior postings might have seen this before.

To ensure things stay clutter-free, I go on a house-wide purge at regular intervals - approximately every four months. Maybe I do it in time with the changing of the seasons. Maybe I do it because I've previously lived in a multitude of rented houses - who knows? I e-bay off stuff I no longer use, shred and recycle old bits of paper, I put unworn clothes in the charity bins and generally slim things down. Perhaps it's also because I live in a small house that has a minimal amount of storage space that requires me to be more ruthless than most - I most certainly get quite miffed when I trip over something that doesn't have a cupboard to live in.

On this occasion, I took it a step further - I purged people.

Purging people isn't as painful as it sounds. It's just another way of removing the clutter and mostly involves the deletion of data.

I fired up my e-mail software and deleted people from the address book - ex-work colleagues who vowed to stay in touch but inevitably didn't, friends who weren't any more and business associates long gone. I applied my usual logic - if the contact hasn't been used for over twelve months, there was obviously a reason why - delete them.

I repeated the process with my mobile. Fifteen e-mail addresses and twenty-ish 'phone numbers later and things are certainly a lot more minimal. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and liberating experience...

...with the exception of one 'phone number that I've kept - she knows who she is. The optimist in me hopes that she'll contact me one day (or I'll be able to contact her). Until then, I'll wait until it's useful again. Considering my ruthlessness, one phone number won't do any harm, will it?