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I’ve lived in this part of the world for about thirty years now, so I thought it was about time to put a gallery together using some of my favourite shots.

You can see the gallery here.

I really ought to do this stuff in HTML5. Flash is a pain in the butt nowadays, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t display on iOS devices. One day I’ll get around to it…. *

*You’ve probably heard this before.

One a day

Have you ever tried to encapsulate a year of your life in pictures? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Read More...

U.S. Gallery

I’ve been meaning to put these on here for ages. Two years after the event I finally got around to doing it.

You may remember that I did a road-trip across the U.S. back in 2008. Slacker that I’ve been, I never got around to putting the travelogue up (although that may follow in time). However, I did get a good selection of pictures - of which a selection are now on the site.

You’ll need flash to browse it.

If there’s one thing you can say about the U.S., is that it has diversity. It’s entirely understandable when you have a country of that size, with such a wide variety of climate, people and flora/fauna that many people don’t get a passport and go abroad. There’s plenty to see there - and I hope that I’ve managed to capture that in this gallery. Enjoy.

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As the New Year started I was on a boat somewhere in the middle of the English Channel, celebrating the arrival of 2008 twice - once for the benefit of the French (11:00pm GMT) and once for the benefit of the British. Taking a little cruise to St Malo was a nice distraction, allowing me to have a go at a bit of French geocaching and buy the odd bottle of wine or two.

As we returned to Blighty, our discussions turned to New Years resolutions. My partner isn't really that fussed about such things, whereas I've had many different resolutions over the last few years - with varying degrees of success. This year, I've decided to keep it simple - I'm going to take a photo every day. For the benefit of my addling memory (and the amusement of others), I'll have an online photo-scrapbook for 2008 - hopefully with 366 images. At the same time, it'll give me the opportunity to take more photos. Hopefully there'll be some good ones in there.

You'll see a button appear at the top of the page in a few days time, once I've got some images to show. Obviously the gallery will increase in size over the course of the year, thus resulting in a longer download for you. Be warned. I just hope this project doesn't chomp up all my bandwidth, but it should be an interesting exercise, along with being a good way to look back once we get into 2009.

Jeez, that sounded like I was wishing my life away...

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I got back from Italy in the small hours of this morning. The holiday was great stuff and was just what the doctor ordered. I did exactly what I said I'd do before I left - train, drink and lounge. I'd also go as far as to say it's the most relaxing and fun holiday I've had in about fifteen years.

It was memorable for so many reasons. Apart from the fun and alcohol, I also had the honour of being the uke for the club's first black-belt grading. The grading went well, with the tori impressing the panel and getting his belt. Congratulations - you know who you are, history-maker. Happy

Consequently, there was much celebrating to be done - we were plied with drinks at a beach party that was laid on by the ju-jitsu foundation. It was a wonderful way to end the week.

I think I've consumed more alcohol during the past week than I have in the past year.

With all that went on, the one memory that will stay is of the beach. Listening to the waves crash against the moonlit shore (below) in the small hours of the morning was something special. Combine this with friends and a great atmosphere and it would be sufficient to say I had a very enjoyable time.

Last night moonshot

This is the first of many pictures - I'll be posting a little gallery of the best bits around Wednesday/Thursday.


Well, I've started wading through all the photos and one I particularly like is this:

Eye of Sauron

Simple as it is, I just like the effect of the light appearing to burst out of the top of the tower. This will end up in my image gallery, no doubt.

It would seem that so far, this trip has been pretty successful in photography terms.

Random Photo

Here's another one I had fun with. I've held on to this one for quite a while before publishing it.

I took this picture about 18 months ago. It's (I think) a Japanese wedding. I was lurking around a temple at the time and my opportunist snapshot worked. Well nearly - beforehand, there was a chap in a suit standing in front of the groom, but with a little bit of Photoshop magic, he's now been removed.

Japanese wedding photo.

What I like about it is the fact that the picture appears to be of the "fly on the wall" sort - a little capture of Japanese life. What I also like about it is the expressions on their faces. It's a happy day, but their expressions hint that just maybe the happy expressions are painted on - it's not easy to keep smiling all day for the cameras. Finally, the use of black and white just seems to work.

It'll end up on my gallery in due course, but is the first picture I've displayed that has had any Photoshop tweaking.