He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

I can read your mind!

I sometimes wonder if work is actually a bit like a school playground. With things such as these going around the office, it probably is. See below for the latest craze - a toy that isn't just for kids.

20 Questions Device. Weird.

The little gadget is called "20q" and costs about a tenner. What does it try to do? Well, it tries to read your mind by asking questions. Remember the old 20 Questions game - animal, vegetable, mineral and all that stuff? Well, this is what this little thing does, except that it does it spookily well, working out your chosen mystery object by asking some strange questions, such as:

"Does it weigh more than a duck?"
"Is it larger than a microwave?"
"Would you give it as a gift?"

It's a simple device with yes, no, sometimes and unknown buttons on it.

Playing on it today, it correctly guessed coffee beans, a washing machine, an elf (it said leprechaun, but I let it off on that one), a black hole, a womb and an amoeba. And the messages the damn thing brings up are so bloody smug, because it more often than not beats you. I managed to defeat it in the end with a pneumatic drill. It thought I was thinking of an axe. I'm convinced there's a pair of ears in there somewhere, as the A.I. contained within is damn clever. It can become quite addictive. A group of us have been playing with them during breaktimes at work, sad as we are and it's been good fun.

It's an amusing little device that's just a little bit larger than a golf-ball and can provide entertainment for you and your friends when you're on long journeys. You can buy them from iwoot.com or the manufacturers website (I mentioned it in yesterday's links). In these days of PSPs and other hi-tech wizardry, this is a game that's gratifyingly simple.
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