He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.

What If?

I’ve been pretty active over the last couple of months - and when I mean active, I mean in a physical sense (surprisingly). I’ve kept up the training for my second-dan (which all things permitting should be later on this week), I’ve completed this year’s Devon Dirt (which I completed 75 minutes quicker than last year) and most surprisingly of all, I’ve continued to run.

It’s surprising for me because I haven’t faltered. As time’s gone on, my 5K finishing time has gradually decreased - something that’s encouraged me to continue. On one particular 5K circuit, I’ve chopped four minutes from my time, meaning that I’m now running sub ten-minute miles with a degree of regularity. In conversation with friends, I’ve been informed that this is the tipping point. It’s the point where you’re actually getting somewhere. Can I whittle that time down further still?

Of course, I’m not the only person that’s been running. It seems that as we’ve approached our forties, most of my peers seem to be doing it. Last week, a handful of my work colleagues completed the Plymouth Half-Marathon. This weekend, some friends completed the Bristol 10K. It’s like we’re all on a mission. Perhaps we’re all getting ready for the Zombie apocalypse.

On hearing of my progress, one friend made the suggestion that I enter the Cardiff half-marathon. It’s supposed to be relatively flat and the ideal place to do your first. With 20,000+ runners, the vibe is supposed to be good and it benefits from some great scenery. Of course, my initial response was not particularly positive - I’ve never seem myself as a distance runner. I continue to surprise myself doing as well as I am at the moment.

But after a couple of days, I started to think, “What if?”.

When I went out this evening, I slowed my pace down very slightly, the emphasis being on endurance rather than managing a quick time. As I reached the 5K mark, I was still feeling pretty good, so I thought I’d do a second lap - and that didn’t seem too hard either. I completed my 10K in 68 minutes.

10K Is about half a half-marathon, if that makes sense. I’m fine. Let this post act as testimony that I’m not a hospitalised gibbering idiot.

So, this has planted the seed in my brain (damn you, @nikbartlett). I’m now thinking of entering the Cardiff Half-Marathon. It’s not until October, which gives me about five months to continue training. If I can complete 10K without a problem at the moment, then can I manage double?

I’ll let you know if I pluck up the courage to submit an application….
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