He didn't get where he is today by stealing somebody else's catchphrase.



del.icio.us links - A nugget or two of stuff I’ve found on the internets thingy that you might consider entertaining, or useful, or irritating.
about me - If you like stalking, you’ll find this blog post full of useful information.
nunspotting - Contains nuns. What's not to love?

image galleries

random photography - A picture or two that I’ve taken, that I’m not embarrassed to show people.
history - Images from my shady past.
italy 2007 - An album of pictures taken from a ju-jitsu training camp I attended back in 2007.
us 2008 - Some shots I took whilst on a 2,000 mile road-trip from Washington D.C. to Dallas.
cornwall - The county that’s my home. It’s not all pasties and surfing….

site design

Nick Cates Design - Creator of some jolly good templates for Rapidweaver.
RealMac Software - The tool I use to put this site together.
Rapidsearch Go - Searches my site, doesn't use Google. What's not to like?