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It's here! You've waited 30 years for this!

My god, I waited 30 years for that?
Disgruntled Atari user
They say that the best things come to those who wait. In this case, it couldn't be further than the truth.

This is a megademo. Remember those? Of course not - you're not
that old.

Well, this one's been just over thirty years in the making - and it's ready to download for your Atari STFM now!

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The story behind how this came to be is probably more interesting than the content itself, after I salvaged my very old demo source code from a large box of dusty floppy disks. Amazingly, most of the stuff was functional after all these years - take that, cloud storage!

So I set out to finally complete what I'd started back in about 1992 - release my MegaDemo. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

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The demo is coded in STOS, a language that amazingly is still living, somehow. I created it to run on a basic 520 STFM. Why is that? Well, that's the machine I've got!

Does it run on an STE or a Falcon or other TOS versions? I have absolutely no idea! But feel free to give it a go. (
Standard disclaimers apply: if you break your computer, yada yada yada)

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It's got all the good stuff that you saw back in the late eighties and nineties - scrollers, chessboards, rasters and 3D stuff, it just isn't done as well here as everyone else did.

Having taken four months to put a bit of spit and polish on this demo, I'm now looking to create a slightly more polished follow-up. Just don't hold your breath, OK?

It's a standard double-sided, 9 track per sector, 79 track, Atari .ST image. If you've got a Greaseweazel of similar device, you can then run it on a real ST. Enjoy!

NOTE (3rd December 2023): I've updated this to include GGN's STOS/TOS fixer, which should mean it now runs under more TOS versions.

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