Octogenarian - Expected 2nd Half 2024

What Is It?
Octogenarian is my next MegaDemo. When I finished Better Late Than Never, I had a bundle of routines, artwork and ideas left over. After taking some inspiration from other screens on other retro-platforms, I commenced coding during Christmas of 2023.

Whilst I always just wanted to "finish" my first production and keep it full of old-school charm, this is a bit different. I've tried to make it look more polished, slightly more in keeping with some of the more modern Atari demos - but don't be surprised if some scrolltext still manages to sneak in somewhere!
Octogenarian Screen
Screenshot from a work in progress. It might look totally different by the time it's released!

Octogenarian Screen
Recycling - it's good for the planet, yeah?
The coding is one thing, but the work I've done on the presentation seems to take as long as the original main demo itself!

At the moment, this demo will run as a sequence and won't have a menu to run anything from. I'm calling it "shop window mode" (like anyone still sells new STs!).

As before, this will be 100% STOS, although I may consider using an 68000 loader program to hold it all together.

Chances are it'll all have changed by the time I release it!
13th June 2024 Update

I'm making good progress, with four screens virtually complete and a fifth one getting a bit of polish. One more screen and we're about there! I'm about 75% complete.

It's been a challenge. I've just finished a screen which took about three weeks from idea to completion and it was close - I had just 1K of memory left once I'd got everything as I wanted!

I was hoping to get everything finished for Sommarhack in July, but that's looking doubtful. I think it's more likely that I get things completed for September.
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A momentary bout of inspiration that led to a screen getting completed in three weeks!